The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For April

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Every day, there are thousands of cat videos uploaded to social media accounts all across the world. This is a great thing–who doesn’t love watching cat videos?

But sometimes the sheer volume of feline footage can seem overwhelming. So every month here at CatTime, we sift through the huge mountain of cat clips and spotlight the five most essential videos.

Here are the best cat videos for you to watch in April 2019!

(If you missed last month’s edition, you can still check March’s round up here!)

1. Bath Time Cats

Nelly and Gilbert are a Ragdoll and Bengal duo who live together. They also, apparently, really enjoy taking a dunk in the bath tub in tandem.

Check out the way they bathe, complete with Nelly sporting a fetching hat of bubbles.

2. Cat Vs. Egg

Easter might have already passed, but there’s nothing to stop you perusing this fine video of a feline named Hiro playing with an egg–before he seems to get completely bemused by this devious, wobbly foe.

3. All Is Full Of Love

Amelie and Canele are a couple of kitties who aren’t just best buddies–they’re literally inseparable at times.

Like when they’re napping together in an adorable yin and yang configuration.

4. Sitting Pretty

Panda is a distinguished feline who’s very clear about his one and only mission in life: “Today I’m planning to do as little as possible.”

Bonus marks for the–ahem–unique lounging position.

5. Time For Some Action

Finally, please enjoy this footage of a couple of rambunctious kittens playing together in a fashion that you might politely call adorably imprecise.

Have we overlooked your favorite cat video this month? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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