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Dealing with Dogs and Rat Poison

Rat poison is extremely harmful to your dog. Even a small portion of it can be very fatal. If your canine happens to ingest rat poison, it is difficult to tell as symptoms begin to appear only after about 36 hours. It is imperative to detect the signs early and get to the treatment process as quickly as possible to avoid any fatal issues.

Rat poison can be of many types so it is important to first know about them before stepping onto the dealing with it part.

Types of Rat Poison

Many dogs tend to ingest rat poison because most rodenticides have a grain or sugar base that makes it taste fairly good. There are numerous types of rat poisons, all of which have a different toxic element. The highly toxic ones are jotted down below.

  • Anticoagulants
  • Bromethalin
  • Cholecalciferol
  • Strychnine
  • Zinc Phosphide

What  Should You Do When a Dog Consumes Rat Poison?

As soon as you suspect your Fido consuming rat poison, call your local vet and inform him. Once you do so, your vet will most likely call you to his clinic to examine your canine. He may then induce vomiting provided your pal ingested the poison not too long ago. Also, make sure to gather the following things before you rush your pet to the vet.

– Poison packaging

– Any poison that remains

– Approximate time when the poison was consumed

– Approximate quantity of rat poison consumed

– Any other minute details that you would like the vet to know

Treating Rat Poison in Dogs

In all likelihood, your vet will first induce vomiting to take as much poison as possible. Once that is dealt with, he might administer activated charcoal by mouth which effectively prevents toxic chemicals from being absorbed. Your vet may even recommend you with antacids. Furthermore, diagnostic tests and additional treatments may vary based on the time and type of rat poison ingested by your furry friend.

Preventing Rat Poison in Dogs

Isn’t it obvious, if you don’t want your dog to come in contact with rat poison, you should not keep it here and there. It is important to stay alert and be wary of his surroundings. Make sure to place the poison in areas where your dog cannot have access easily. Another solution would be to leash your pal until the work of the poison has been completed and that it is safe for him to stay off the leash. Not to forget, it is not possible to keep tabs on your canine all the time and he may consume rat poison even without your knowledge. Thus, be quick to spot the difference in his behavior and ping your vet immediately.

Whichever type of rat poison your dog has consumed, it is extremely dangerous and immediate vet attention is essential. Taking care of your buddy is your responsibility and we know you’d do anything to protect him from all the harmful diseases.

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