10 Cute Kitties Staying Cozy And Warm In Winter [PICTURES]

Depending on where you live, some places can get pretty cold in winter. Even with the heat blasting, indoor cats gotta keep warm. Whether it’s with blankets, fireplaces, or snuggling, here are some kitties who know how to keep warm during the cold winter months!

If you can do all three–snuggle with your kitty, get under the blankets, and curl up in front of a toasty fire–then you will have the warmest, coziest winter ever!

Great Ways To Help Your Kitty Stay Warm In Winter

  • For parents of an “only” cat, consider adopting a second so they can snuggle up.
  • Start a fire in the fireplace and make sure kitty has a safe place to enjoy it.
  • Blankets should be readily available for fur babies.

Great Ways For Humans To Stay Warm In Winter

  • Snuggle up with kitties.
  • Heat up some hot cocoa, coffee, or tea.
  • Cover up. Wear more clothing than you would during the summer.
  • Have blankets readily available on couch.
  • Wear socks! Hopefully you’re getting some nice cat-themed socks as holiday gifts!
  • If you are in a really cold part of the country, wear thermals underneath.

Help Outdoor Cats Stay Warm In Winter?

In some parts of the country, outdoor feral and stray cats could probably use a little extra help staying warm, especially when the temperatures dip to near zero degrees and below. Cats have fur, but that can only go so far. Not all cats are Maine Coons, after all. Here are some great ways to help stray cats in your area stay warm. They might not say thank you, but they will sure appreciate it!

  • Give them food and water every day (if possible). Dry food won’t freeze as easily as wet food.
  • Provide insulated shelter. If you don’t know how to make a shelter, click here.
  • If it snows, clear away paths for cats to go in and out of the shelter.

We all like staying warm, when the outdoor temperatures take a dip. How do you and your kitty stay warm during the cold winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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