Easter Kitties

Easter is here! We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with their families, friends, and kitties. There’s bound to be some yummy dinner of ham and spring vegetables, some colourful Easter egg hunts, or maybe even a visit from the Easter Bunny himself! These kitties are looking forward to a weekend of flowers and celebration. We hope their pictures give you some springtime joy!

1) Hank Williams

Sometimes you just want to take a break from being a kitty and want to try being a different animal instead. Hank Williams the domestic shorthair knows Easter is the perfect time to dress up as a bunny! – Submitted by Andrea

2) Squishy Cookie

For Squishy Cookie the exotic shorthair, Easter means one thing: baskets! A new Easter basket means a new kitty bed! – Submitted by Stephanie

3) Orion

Orion the domestic shorthair concurs with Squishy Cookie regarding beautiful spring baskets. If I fits, I sits! – Submitted by Eric S

4) Miss Skittles

Miss Skittles the tabby loves dyeing eggs for the kids! These are going to be the most beautiful Easter eggs ever! – Submitted by Chrissy

5) Toni

Beautiful Toni loves everything about this lovely spring holiday — except for the fact that she has to dress up for photos! Smile, Toni, you look lovely! – Submitted by Lauren

6) Marshmallow

Marshmallow the Selkirk Rex may have a white coat, but she sure doesn’t look like an egg! Nice try though, kitty cat! – Submitted by Laura S

7) Pisi

“What do you mean, I didn’t lay these eggs?” Pisi the European domestic cat swears that she did. – Submitted by Anca G

8) Bo

Bo the domestic kitty sure makes an excellent rabbit! We hope he’s hid the eggs well for the annual egg hunt. – Submitted by Lori A

9) Ronaldo

Ronaldo the tuxedo cat has some lovely baby chick helpers to dole out colourful eggs this year! You can follow him on Instagram at @ronaldotuxedo. – Submitted by Nadège

10) Luna

One more basket-sitting photo for the road! Happy Easter everyone! – Submitted by Lisa

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